2023.01.09 Triangle Derby in Anjo Tam Nakano Homecoming Postmatch Comments

Tam: Anjo City, at night time it could get just a little noisy from bikers, but, but, it’s so full of natural beauty, the locals are so warm, the food is so delicious, and also, in the Summer, Anjo’s Tanabata festival is so lively and flashy, it’s the best town in the cosmos!

2023.01.11 Press Conference for 02.04 Stardom Supreme Fight 2023

Giulia: Suzu, do you remember? When we were rookies, wrestling in tiny, tiny venues that could hold maybe several dozen people, when we were rookies and we, we would talk about these big dreams like, how one day we would be in the main event at some massive venue… (crying) I'm sorry. We would talk, about that, 5 years ago we were so small and now those dreams we talked about are about to come true.

2023.01.05 Press Conference for 01.20 New Blood 7

Marika: Are the vibes… not actually that great? Huh? Like, I’m young so I get other young people, I debuted when I was just in my 2nd year of junior high too so I was pretty young, so I kind of get what it feels like when you’re running head first into what seems like a bad decision. Like, when I was in high school too, I liked boys who worked in construction and had cars. Like, it seems like kinda that sort of thing.