2022.09.23 5 Star GP 2022 at Korakuen Hall Postmatch Comments

Mina: Being alive there are really harsh and painful things, things that will break your heart over and over again, but in spite of all that, I believe in myself. Because believing, to me, is hope. And I also believe, that I will become the white belt champion. That is my hope right now. I can live because I have that hope.

2022.08.27 5 Star GP at Korakuen Hall Postmatch Comments

Giulia: It was what, about a year and a half ago? Right here I tore up that mask of yours, but it seems like she likes, loves, and can’t get enough of that pleasure. Today, I thought I should satisfy that lust of yours, but there’s still just a little bit left on, huh. Now now, we’ll continue this again so you can look forward to that, but as for today go home, get out of here you shitty kid!