2022.02.23 Cinderella Journey 2022 in Nagaoka Comments

Japanese transcript

Aore Nagaoka Arena
706 fans

Future Championship Ryogoku #1 Contenders 3-way Elimination: Mai Sakurai vs Waka Tsukiyama vs Rina

Rina: Just a little before today’s 3-way, I found out just before it that the first winner would get a challenge on the first day and the second on the second day, so I’m not really satisfied from just winning this match. Because this match is just to decide the #1 contender, and Hanan is probably winning today, and what I really want is to crush Hanan on the biggest stage possible. That’s all.

Mai: Since this was to decide the challengers for the Future belt and my goal since joining DDM is to get the Future belt no matter what it takes, I couldn’t lose today. I wanted to win before Rina did but she won first which is a bit frustrating, but I definitely don’t want to lose next time, so I’ll work even harder for next time.

– When did you find out there would be 2 winners who would get to challenge?

I found out about it when they announced it right before the match too.

– You said you had wanted to be the first to win but that spot was taken, but you still managed to win second. Do you think you got a bit lucky with how things went?

Of course I wanted to win first. I suppose I would say I did get lucky, but the thing is that it’s frustrating as well. You see, I wanted to beat Rina too. I’ve already beaten Tsukiyama before so that’s why this win isn’t quite what I was going for and I’m not totally satisfied with how it went, what I wanted was really to be the #1 winner in there.

– And you’re completely uninterested in Tsukiyama?

I’m looking higher than that.

Were you aware she’s said her goal is to beat you?

Is that so. Well that makes sense, I’m also aiming for opponents who are stronger than me.

Future Championship: Hanan vs Momo Kohgo

Hanan: I successfully defended the Future belt for the second time!! That was an inter-Stars match against Momo Kohgo, and I think we managed to show how bright the future is going to be, didn’t we? I followed the example of my teacher Mayu-san and dedicated myself to the art of bumping beautifully, and through that I was able to win today. It seems that in the dark match Rina and Mai Sakurai have won the right to challenge next, but I was already waiting for Rina. I really hope we can make the future that we haven’t been able to create together until now.

– And how do you feel about possibly defending the belt two days in a row?

I can’t help but look forward to it. Ryogoku is such a huge stage, and I’ve already had the chance to perform there once when I won this belt so it already means a lot to me, and then I get to create the future there with Rina and Mai Sakurai, I’m very happy, yeah.

– From last year to these next Ryogoku shows, do you hope to finish them all as champion, with these defences?

Of course! I want to defend at all of them, and I have specific other people I still want to defend against too, so for their sake as well I hope I successfully defend.

Utami Hayashishi & Lady C vs Momo Watanabe & Ruaka

Momo: Ah jeez, hey hey hey. They’re weak as shit, what the hell! Utami Hayashishita and Lady both!

Ruaka: They said they’d go all out? They must be joking!

Momo: It’s crazy right? But that’s all they’ve got. They’re awfully persistent, and since they didn’t win, they probably want to come back for more. That’s just what they’re like, Queen’s Quest, what happened to you??

Mayu Iwatani & Tam Nakano vs Saki Kashima & Fukigen Death

Mayu: Today was the first time in a while that we’ve seen the team of Mayu Iwatani and Tam Nakano, but we made no mistakes and I got the pin.

Tam: I really wanted to get the pin myself, but this tag team without a name has been around since my Stars days. Even though we’ve parted ways, I think we still make a pretty delicious team, despite that.

Mayu: Well I was surprised but that went even better than when you were in Stars, don’t you think? (laughs)

Tam: What do you mean by that (laughs)

Mayu: The way you are now, you’ve gotten a bit stronger.

Tam: A LITTLE, not just a little.

Mayu: Tag… Tag. Tag belts… It’s not possible to have tag champs in different units in Stardom, is it?

Tam: That’s not allowed, is it? But, in Ryogoku Kokugikan, in RYOGOKU KOKUGIKAN, you’ll be able to taste my strength as much as you like.


Tam: ….In our match.

Mayu: When?

Tam: On the first day

Mayu: Right, yes

Tam: We’re doing Kairi and Mayu 

Mayu: Right, right, right.

Tam: vs Tam and Unagi. 

Mayu: Yep yep yep

Tam: You can’t forget.

Mayu: Okay but, on the SECOND day, I’m challenging for the red belt, so I’ll win that, and then when I’m standing at the top of Stardom, I’ll name you as my challenger, Tam. So just wait until then for that bit of belt business.

Tam: Definitely, win the belt.

Mayu: But on the first day at Ryogoku Kokuggigan, Kairi and Mayu Iwatani vs Tam Nakano and Unagi Sayaka, I’m really looking forward to that too. Check it out!

Syuri, Maika, & Himeka vs Giulia, Mirai, & Thekla

Giulia: Today was a DDM inter-unit match, and a preview for the red belt match on March 26th. I have so many things I want to say to you, Syuri. For so long now you’ve been right next to me, giving me so much support, you’re so, so important to me, you’re my sis, you’re my tag partner, all the talks we had and all the things we talked about whenever we spent time as AliKaba, and it’s the Syuri who wanted the red belt, that’s the Syuri I talked so much with. I think I’ve spent more time next to Syuri than anyone since we came to Stardom, and I know Syuri’s the person who’s been closest to me. That’s how we know each other so completely… That’s what I think at least, but, there is one thing I don’t understand. The Syu-red world that you ushered in… what is that? That’s the thing that no matter what I try I just can’t figure out. And if I don’t understand what you’re doing like this then that means you’re off working on that on your own, and that’s ridiculous, that’s not what you should be doing. I, would be honoured, to take the red belt from Syuri. I need to move to the next world too. March 26th at Ryogoku, I’m so incredibly excited for it, so until then arrivederci, later.

Himeka: Today’s match, this was actually meant to happen a while back in Osaka, but it was due to my own poor health that we couldn’t have the match then, so I’ve been looking forward to this so much. Mirai and Thekla, nice to meet you. DDM, the fighting power we’ve gathered here is seriously just off the charts, and in the ring I really got the feeling again that DDM is just invincible.

Syuri: I have a title match with Giulia, March 26th in Ryogoku Kokugikan, for this belt. Today, now that that match has been made, that makes this the first preview match, right? When Giulia and I had our double title match (at the end of the year 2020) in Osaka, that ended in a draw. Ever since then I’ve wanted to settle things. As allies in DDM, we walk together as AliKaba, and as a champion I face Giulia, and then on the second day Mayu Iwatani. Those are two people that I absolutely must beat. With wins over those two on both days of our Ryogoku shows I’ll write my legend, finish dying the world Syu-red, and be undisputed as champion.

Goddess of Stardom Tag Titles: Koguma & Hazuki vs Mina Shirakawa & Unagi Sayaka

Hazuki: FWC won our second defence! Since I want to stack our defence count higher and higher we should have defences at Ryogoku too, should we?! Doesn’t anybody want to challenge us?!

Momo comes out to the ring.

Momo: Hey hey hey, Hazuki. Your little pretend crazy tag team’s days as champions are numbered, there’s not much time left. Because I, the Black Peach, have a secret weapon of a partner lying in wait, and those Goddess belts, we’re coming to take them from you, so look forward to that.

Koguma: Hey, rotten peach. I wonder, can you… do the bear pose?

Momo kicks Koguma in the head. Hazuki and Momo grab each other by the hair.

Hazuki: Don’t take us lightly! If you think you can take them, come and take them! Bring your partner with you and come at us. I don’t know what kind of person Momo has for her partner but whoever it is, FWC will defend against them just fine, so stay tuned everybody!

Hazuki: We safely defended for the second time. Well, Unagi, Shirakawa, I didn’t think you would give us too much trouble, but I guess the two of you have actually challenged for several belts at this point, so far you keep losing your challenges, you can get momentum but you still can’t quite turn it into success, but I guess despite that you’ve actually been pushed to become not too bad, huh.

Koguma: Some of that was about what I expected, but they did surprise me as well. But the most surprising thing was that rotten peach.

Hazuki: If I said I wanted someone to challenge us at Ryogoku, I wasn’t expecting her to be the one to come forward.

Koguma: But I wonder who her partner is, that’s what I wanna know.

Hazuki: Yeah I’m not sure either, but oh well, whoever it is we’ll still accept, but I thought Momo said something about wanting to challenge for like the red belt or something like that, so what’s she doing challenging for the Goddess belts?

Koguma: She didn’t just want to talk to us, did she?

Hazuki: Well whatever she wants to say to us she can do it in the ring, I’d be happy to have a chat with her with our fists.

Koguma: I’ll pay her back for that kick.

Hazuki: Well we’ll properly teach Momo and this partner of hers exactly how crazy we are.

– Momo didn’t actually do the bear pose. Are you accepting her challenge in spite of that?

Koguma: Yeah, sure.

Hazuki: There are some people who won’t do it in the ring when you tell them too, like surprisingly, for people like Oedo Tai, when you ask them to do it, they get a little embarrassed, there are some people who are just like that.

Koguma: Mhm, yeah.

Hazuki: But the truth is that they do want to do it, everybody does.

Koguma: Yeah everybody does love the bear pose, so I think they’ll probably do it in the match. I took that kick because that’s what I’m hoping for.

Hazuki: You’ve gotta pay her back with a bear pose and a title defence.

– You’ll make her bear pose in Ryogoku?

Koguma: Yeah, I’ll make her!! If she doesn’t do it on her own, I’ll force her to.

Hazuki: She’d probably find that even more humiliating.

Koguma: Then I’ll embarrass her.

– Do you have any thoughts on the announcement of the show at the Fukuoka International Center on May 5th?

Koguma: I’m happy. Finally. I haven’t wrestled in Fukuoka since a show at Hakata Star Lanes.

Hazuki: Really? I’ve wrestled in Fukuoka here and there, we’d go about once a year, but we never did a big show there or anything.

Koguma: We’ll definitely go there holding the Goddess belts.

Hazuki: Yeah I want to get a good clean defense so we can go there while holding them.

Koguma: For sure. It’ll be fun.

Hazuki: The number of people from Fukuoka in Stardom is increasing bit by bit, you know. Me, Koguma, Maika. And I’m pretty sure Mai Sakurai has a connection to the area as well.

Koguma: Even more reasons to look forward to it.

Hazuki: And it’s us who’ll really stir things up in Fukuoka, FWC!

High Speed Championship: Starlight Kid vs AZM

AZM: I won the belt!! It’s taken one year for the belt to come back where it belongs. I’m going to be appearing as the champion at Ryogoku, and I’m accepting challengers. It doesn’t matter who you are, please come forward. Kid, let’s do this again some time.

AZM: I did it, that was tough. Kid really is my ultimate rival, and I hope we can do that again. Next, as champion I’ll accept challengers for Ryogoku. For me, the first time I had this belt, it made me grow. This time I’m different, and I hope I can raise the belt up instead. Please look forward to it.

[They didn’t transcribe this one and my listening comprehension is much worse than my reading comprehension, so I did my best but definitely couldn’t make it out 100%. It should hopefully give a solid idea.]

Kid: My high speed belt of darkness…. My dark high speed world is over… I couldn’t reach the defence record… Ahhh it’s so frustrating!! It’s frustrating but, my eternal foe AZM, we do more together than with anyone else. Well, I said I wanted to be in the main event today, but it didn’t turn out that way. But next time we do Kid and AZM it’ll be the main event of a big show. The white belt, the red belt, I don’t see why they have to go on after High Speed. I want to show exactly why the two of us are the absolute most incredible, premium singles matchup in joshi wrestling. In joshi we don’t have to deal with the divide between junior heavyweights and heavyweights, but we’re the ones who are like the juniors, no matter how much we shine the heavyweights get to main. That’s the norm, and I wanted to make it better, I wanted to do much more to revive the High Speed belt. But now next for me, is the beginning of my second chapter. Look forward to it.

Wonder of Stardom Championship: Saya Kamitani vs Natsupoi

Kamitani: Natsupoi-chan… Thank you.

Natsupoi: Saya Kamitani-chan, Natsupoi is…. MUCH more persistent than you think.

Kamitani: That’s… I already know that.

Kamitani holds her hand out for a handshake. But, Natsupoi acts like she doesn’t care. Kamitani makes a fist instead though, and Natsupoi fist bumps her. Natsupoi can’t help but smile. They both bow to each other.

Kamitani: I defended the Wonder of Stardom belt! Today, if I defended, I had two people I wanted to request to be my next challengers. And I will leak the information that those two are here today… Ah, no no. I mean I wanted to request them! The first person, is Utami Hayashishita. The second person, is Tam Nakano. Those are the two people I want to fight at Ryogoku. Please come here!

Tam and Utami both approach the ring.

Utami: Kamitani, first of all, congratulations on your defence.

Kamitani: Thank you very much!!

Utami: Kamitani, you really only say the most outrageous things. I want to fight you too. I’ve challenged for the white belt before, but I just have no luck with it and I can’t seem to win it, so if the current champion is requesting for me to challenge, then I would be all too happy to. And I won’t just take your challenge, I’ll take your belt too.

Tam: Kamitani, thank you for taking care of the white belt for me. You know this white belt, it was like a part of me. So that’s why it’s great that I’m getting a chance to rescue it so soon, isn’t it? In Ryogoku, the one who’ll be laughing on the second day is me!

Kamitani: Thank you very much for accepting! Utami, and Tam, I will defend at Ryogoku and prove the value of the white belt, and make it a glittering belt that no one else can touch. So that being the case, I have the pleasure of closing the show today! The one shining the brightest in the Stardom ring is me, the golden phoenix!!

Natsupoi: Saya Kamitani-chan, I didn’t win the white belt today but, I said it to Saya Kamitani-chan too, but Natsupoi is CRAZY persistent. You already know this but, my feelings today, how badly I wanted to take the belt from Saya Kamitani-chan, no, from Saya, it’s enough to make my stomach churn. I pinky swore with Kairi-san that I would take the belt today and I couldn’t keep that promise but, I think there was more than just that one feeling in that promise. I will win the white belt one day. I won’t give up. This is just the beginning with Saya. Bye-poi!

Kamitani: I managed to safely defend the Wonder of Stardom belt for the second time. Natsupoi, seriously, thank you so much for having a full power match with me. I know how much this belt means to you, and the match was really, really so much fun, so I truly, from my heart, hope we get to continue this one day. And as for Aore Nagaoka. The main event of this big show. Seven years ago, it was here (crying) I auditioned in this venue as an idol, I poured my life into it. I was rejected and I broke down crying from frustration, but that painful past helped me come here and change my future. I think I proved that today, didn’t I? I would be honoured if seeing this could give someone even a tiny bit of courage or hope. And as for the two matches at Ryogoku, I’m pleased to have nominated Utami Hayashishita and Tam Nakano. I want the chance to take down two of my Elite 4, but I also think this will be my biggest test yet. But, if I can take down those two, I think it’ll make this white belt shine even brighter, brighter and brighter than ever. I’ll show you my phoenix-style full power defence. Please watch me.

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