2022.03.26 Stardom World Climax 2022 ~The Best~ Comments

Japanese Transcript

Stardom World Climax 2022 ~ The Best ~
Ryogoku Sumo Hall
2712 fans

[Just a quick note that a couple comments, MaiHimePoi’s and Tam/Unagi’s, weren’t in the transcript. I did what I could with them and got the main point included in the tweet but translating without text is much more difficult so they are incomplete, sorry.]

Future of Stardom Championship: Hanan vs Rina

Hanan: I successfully got my 3rd defence. Rina, we fought today as individual pro wrestlers, but you’re getting so so SO strong, I was seriously thinking “dang, am I really going to lose already?” a lot, but I was fighting with the thought “I can’t afford to lose at any costs” at the forefront of my mind and I managed to hit the Backdrop Hold and got the 3-count. Tomorrow is Mai Sakurai, I want to defend again. I’m really glad I was able to fight with Rina today.

Golden Generation Bout: Mirai vs Saya Iida

Mirai: Ever since even before I came to Stardom, Saya Iida had caught my attention. Today we got to have our first singles match. And, I won. Saya Iida, holy crap, huh. Strong. But, today it was me that won. I’m not just gonna do something like quitting now that I’m ahead, I definitely want to fight Saya Iida again. As for right now, for me, on the second day as well I have another Golden Generation Bout. Of course, with two matches in a row, I’m planning on getting two wins in a row, tomorrow is either Saya Kamitani or Utami Hayashishita, whichever of them I face I’ll get another win, and then it’s on to the next one.

Iida: Ahh… I wonder how I could have lost like this, it’s frustrating but it kind of feels good too. It’s kinda like I’m just filled with a lot of super conflicting feelings right now. Of course, I’m frustrated with myself for tapping, and I’m frustrated that I tapped out to Mirai but, more than that my biggest feeling right now is that I’ve found a new rival. Is that happiness, or maybe it’s more like I should say I feel refreshed. Her lariat is just so damn… Well I survived it, but even now, I’m worried parts of me are gonna start falling off, holy hell. She said on Twitter I was the one she’d most taken notice of, I said the same about her, she said it at the press conference too. Seems like the both of us’ve gotten a pretty good rival out of this, huh? Next time, when we fight once again, me and you, I’ll be the one who pins you and steals the win, so look forward to it.

Gauntlet Trios Match: Saki Kashima/Ruaka/Fukigen Death vs Mina Shirakawa/Waka Tsukiyama/Momo Kohgo
Saki/Ruaka/Fukigen vs AZM/Lady C/Miyu Amasaki
AZM/Lady/Miyu vs Himeka/Natsupoi/Mai Sakurai

Himeka: I don’t really know what it means to be put in a match like this at a show as major as this one, but I think today is going to be important for DDM. Tomorrow we face Prominence, so let’s finish both matches with smiles on every face!

DDM vs Prominence: Risa Sera/Suzu Suzuki vs Maika/Thekla

Suzu: Hey hey hey hey, DDM, this isn’t nearly enough energy from you is it? Us beating DDM is only natural. Tomorrow, I don’t know whether or not Giulia’s going to come out to face us, but the real fight will be when she shows up.

Maika: “Giulia, Giulia,” shut the hell up. You seem like the kind of person who’s just a little too attached to her sister, you just can’t get over her. If you stay so fixated only on Giulia, you’re in for a world of hurt, damn it!

DDM and Prominence brawl to the back.

[The transcript picks up after DDM and Prominence fight and DDM leaves.]

Risa: How many of them are there? I don’t even know how many people they have. That’s all their members right, that was all of Donna del Mondo? They seem pretty upset don’t they, since they lost to us. Because it was 2 on 2. Tomorrow all of Prominence will be there. And basically all of Donna del Mondo. I don’t know which of them (Syuri or Giulia) we’ll face, but we’ll win and completely crush them.

Suzu: DDM, damn. Weren’t you talking shit about how you were gonna “settle things” with Prominence? Because it doesn’t seem like you should be talking. Suzu Suzuki’s German, don’t underestimate it. We’re going to completely dominate tomorrow. See you then.

Risa: Looking forward to it.

– How did you find your first time against Stardom wrestlers?

Suzu: They weren’t ready for me. Seemed like they were completely unprepared. I’m not even tired, you know?

Risa: Not tired in the slightest.

Suzu: I wasted loads of energy for no reason in this match, and I still feel like I have all my stamina left over anyway. Prominence are gonna win tomorrow too.

– Do you want to face Giulia tomorrow?

Suzu: Of course. I came here in order to crush Giulia. Tomorrow, if Giulia isn’t the one who comes out to faces us, then honestly it’ll probably be the same as today. If they add more members or if Syuri comes out, whoever comes out it’s pretty much all the same. If Giulia’s not there it’s pointless.

Risa: Well then, see you tomorrow.

Goddess of Stardom Tag Team Championship: FWC (Hazuki & Koguma) vs Black Desire (Momo Watanabe & Starlight Kid)

Kid: Oh you poor poor belts, you’ve come to us, you’re finally free~! Oh I’m so glad, you poor dears~. Alright well, we did it huh.

Momo: We did iiitttt~

Kid: Just like Hazuki requested of us we had the audacity to use whatever weapons we felt like and do whatever we wanted, and then at the end we made them do a humiliating bear pose with water, ahahahaha! We ran right into their cheesy “crazy” crap head first, I think we went CrAzY, cRaZy enough for them, huh?

Momo: Where exactly even was their crazy? THIS is how you go crazy!

Kid: Bear pose and craziness? We surpassed them on all fronts, total victory. Ahh well, it was fun.

Momo: From now on we’ll properly, fully cherish these belts, like they deserve. You all just watch us.

Kid: We’re Oedo Tai you know, we won the best unit award. If we’ve taken these now, then should the next goal be Artists? We are Black Desire, and if anyone else with bundles of desire came at us I’d be so happyyyyy~. Well, if you’re up for it? Ahahaha, that was nice.

Hazuki and Koguma were too shocked too provide a comment.

Pirate Princess Stardom Revival Special Tag: Kairi/Mayu Iwatani vs Tam Nakano/Unagi Sayaka

Mayu: Ho-chan, no, Kairi, welcome home. Please, tell us how you feel.

Kairi: Mayu-san, that felt super, super, SUPER GREAT!! I can’t really say anything, I can’t even talk. I really can’t get it out. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Stardom World! I’m home. Long months and years have passed, but I’m really so happy that I can fight in the Stardom ring I still love. Thank you so much for today. I’m looking out from the ring so I can try and look into the eyes of as many people as possible. Damn, I really can’t even say anything, I’m so happy. Mayu-san, I think it’s thanks to Mayu-san that Stardom exists as it is today. Mayu-san let’s hear something from you. You’re also from Yamaguchi like me.

Mayu: You still like to talk just as much as ever!

Kairi: We still have two more matches left, the red belt, the white belt, there are some incredible matches still waiting. Two more matches to go! Believe now, shine tomor- oh no wait I can’t do that yet. Well look forward to more from the second half of the show!

Tam: Kairi Hojo, no wait, Kairi, honestly I always, always wanted to meet her. I wonder what it was that drew her back to Stardom from overseas. That’s it! I’ll do it! I’ll make her reveal why!

[Tam talks a little bit about taking the white belt back but is especially hard to hear as her voice is totally blown out.]

Tam: Unagi?

Unagi: Kairi… I’ll definitely fight you again some day…. She’s so… Damn it… [Unagi seems overcome and can’t say anything else.]

Mayu: So, that was your Stardom comeback match then, huh. You’ve stepped back in the Stardom ring, and I really think that’s elevated this Ryogoku show, what are your feelings wrestling in Stardom again after so long?

Kairi: First of all, being able to be in the Stardom ring again, and having Mayu-san as my tag partner… Mayu-san is a crucial, transformational presence who came around at an incredibly important time, and for me, whenever I have a match that turns out to be a turning point for me, Mayu-san is there. That’s why today also, being able to fight with Mayu-san next to me like this, sharing her courage with me, I could feel calm, and have a smile on my face. Mayu-san really is someone who’s irreplaceable.

Mayu: That was fun. We were a little out of sync, but we still worked well together right? Or were we not so great together? We kind of both fought our own match, huh. Even when we tried to sync up. But even since she became a Superstar that’s still one of the things that Ho-chan’s good at. If we come together to tag, I didn’t think we’d be super genius tag partners, but more like a team that just has a little something charming and interesting.

Kairi: Something novel. This team is kind of, strong and, dorky – no wait maybe I shouldn’t say that

Mayu: I mean, you’re not exactly wrong though. We do share that.

Kairi: Anyway Mayu-san’s kicks, I always watched videos and stuff but, today standing in the same ring and hearing the sound and seeing it directly with my own eyes, all of it, just absorbing it with all my own senses, each and every one of Mayu-san’s moves are just so so perfect, really on another level the quality is just so high. The beauty of how she takes moves, her pacing, I really just think she’s leagues above anyone else.

Mayu: Today Ho-chan’s – Kairi’s diving elbow into my Moonsault, that was how we finished things but, tomorrow, Ho-chan faces Kid, and I don’t know who I’ll be facing for the red belt, that’s an important match where I’ll need to be careful. But I hope we can both win again and shine tomorrow.

Wonder of Stardom Championship: Saya Kamitani vs Utami Hayashishita

Kamitani: I defended against Utami-san!!! Utami-san, last year our roles were reversed. How was Saya Kamitani’s full power? Tomorrow I have a rematch with Tam Nakano. Reversing history is meaningless. The one going forward to create Stardom’s future is me, Saya Kamitani.

Tam enters.

Tam: (in a very raspy voice) Kamitani…

Kamitani: Oh my god, what is this voice

Tam: The match I just had made my voice like this. Reversing history…

Kamitani: I can’t make out what you’re saying

Tam: Don’t laugh!

Kamitani: Huh, what was that?

Tam: Tam Nakano will write Stardom’s history. Kamitani, you can stop overextending yourself now.

Kamitani: I’m not overextending anything! Right now, I am Stardom!!

Utami: I lost, Kamitani… I lost, but just let me say this even though it will sound a bit vain, Kamitani. It’s only natural that a champion fights with their full power. Even making your belt shine, doing that much is the bare minimum. For me, I used my full power to take the red belt, but I heard “Mayu Iwatani was better with it” and “Utami’s trash” all the time, I was the one defending the top belt in semifinal matches. Just using your full power is useless, Kamitani. If you can’t go further and further beyond that you’re doomed. I hoped Kamitani would understand that. Because if Kamitani can do that, if Kamitani can exceed her full power, then she needs to do her best to reach higher and higher. Because you beat me, go higher and higher, show me just how high you can take the white belt then, Kamitani.

Kamitani: Finally, I managed to surpass Utami-san. I’ve admired Utami-san ever since I was a trainee, I’ve always been trying my best close by Utami-san, and when I joined QQ and tagged with her and won the Goddess belts, that was all so I could be closer to her than anybody, but she was always always so far away, there were many, many times I was ridiculously frustrated by it. I couldn’t win the Future belt, last year at Nippon Budokan I couldn’t win the red belt either, ever since my debut I’ve been working so hard at that goal, to defeat Utami, and I just couldn’t surpass her in any way. But today, finally, as white belt champion, I managed to beat her. That makes me just, so, so happy. Still, as for full power, things like every pro wrestler uses their full power, stuff like that and whatever, I have seriously heard that so so, so so so so freaking much at this point, but personally I’m not really skilled, all I can do is recklessly lose control of myself, I really love the term full power. That’s why people can say to me whatever they want, from now on I believe in full power, and I hope I can dash down my full power defence road with everything I have.

World of Stardom Championship: Syuri vs Giulia

Syuri: Ryogoku first day, I protected, the red belt! Giulia, that hurt…. But, regardless, I want to fight you more and more! Today is my last day as a member of Donna del Mondo, I’m making my own unit. Today, my first member came with me. As for me, I will push forward on my own path.

Giulia: That’s fantastic, Syuri. A new unit huh, being a leader is a challenge you know. You sure you can handle it? …Hey, Syuri. From now on, you’re my rival… I should explain, you’re the first person who’s ever made me feel like, “ahh, that’s so frustrating, I want to surpass her” as an opponent. That red belt, now that I’ve had my sights on it once, I’ll definitely come and snatch it away from you. And because I’m as good as my word, I’m gonna pick plenty of fights with you with no mercy, so be ready. Which I guess means that tomorrow, Prominence, I’ll take a little bit of time to take care of them. Huh. Which I guess means I’m also fighting Suzu… I don’t know if you’re listening, but look forward to tomorrow. Syuri, thank you for everything until now. Arrivederci.

Giulia leaves.

Syuri: And as for me tomorrow, I have a match against Mayu Iwatani, to decide the number one in Stardom. Mayu Iwatani!

Mayu enters.

Syuri: Tomorrow, I’m going to beat you.

Mayu: Syuri, congratulations on your defence. I was watching your match and, it was really, really incredible. From the bottom of my heart, I was thinking “I’m so glad I picked the second day!” Today, I figure you suffered some pretty ridiculous damage, so tomorrow I’ll take advantage of that damage, so for me tomorrow, Ryogoku Kokugikan, I hope I can walk away with something good!

Syuri: It’s your fault you know, you’re the reason no one can properly say RY-O-GO-KU KO-KU-GI-KAN any more, everyone’s scared to say it!

Mayu: It’s not good to blame others for your problems. And as for that red belt, I’ll… collect it? …Reposses it? …Reclaim it! Nobody’s ever held the red belt 3 times before. Stardom’s history, from now on the one making it is going to be me, Mayu Iwatani, everybody please keep giving me your support thank you!

Syuri: In-credible… Tomorrow, let’s have the best match.

Mayu leaves.

Syuri: Mayu Iwatani, she is actually amazing. To the wrestlers, everybody, tomorrow, keep fighting with all of your hottest feelings, and burn them in your matches. Please, come watch the greatest joshi wrestling match ever! Let’s all see each other again tomorrow. Everyone salamat po. Thank you very much!

Giulia: The red belt, I couldn’t win it… But, this is what I’ve always wanted, I’ve been searching for a goal I could aim towards. But now there’s someone before me who’s always made me want to surpass her. I’ve never been this happy, as a pro wrestler. Syuri, I really think you’re very special, to put it in words maybe it would be too much to call you a legend, but there have been so, so many times I’ve thought you were really, really special. But, from now on… Well, if noooone of the other wrestlers in Stardom will step up and pick a fight with Syuri, then I’ll be first in line to volunteer. And this Syured world, no no no no no, if no one got in her way, even Syuri wouldn’t find it worth doing. So I’ll get in your way non-stop. Well, you take your bodyguard and do your best with your new unit for me. Thank you. So tomorrow is Prominence. Well they’re pretty small time opponents, so I think if we finish on time tomorrow we’ll go get crepes or something. Arrivederci, later.

Syuri: Ryogoku day 1, I managed to protect the red belt. I’m not going backwards, and I won’t stop evolving. I’ll keep moving along my path. October 3rd 2020, on that day, I lost to Mayu Iwatani. This time for sure, this time as the champion that holds the red belt, the absolute highest peak of Stardom, I’ll get my revenge on Mayu Iwatani, and in two matches at Ryogoku Sumo Hall in a row, I’ll forge my legend.

Thank you for reading my translation! I’m on Twitter here and you can support my work here. Please do not post elsewhere without credit and a link back to this blog.

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