2022.09.25 Stardom in Showcase Vol. 2

Japanese Transcript

Stardom in Showcase Vol. 2
Bellesalle Takadanobaba
759 fans

Hanan vs Saya Iida
A battle between current and former Future champions. Hanan finally got the 2 points she’d been working for the day before with a win over Mina. Hanan, the current Future champion, wants to finish on a high note with back to back wins. It would be even better, because a win would mean she’d finish tied with Iida. She also wants to pick up momentum before her defence against Ami Sohrei. Also, Iida, who made it to the main tournament via the qualifiers, only has 2 wins, which is a frustrating result. She’ll want to beat Hanan and preserve her honour as a former champion, but it might not be easy…

Hanan: My 5 Star GP is over! At the end I got another win, over Saya Iida with my Backdrop Hold, I won yesterday too, so all’s well that ends well! I closed things out along the lines of that saying. I’m so glad! My next big match is putting this belt (Future) on the line against Ami Sohrei. I’ll definitely protect the belt through the end of 2022, I don’t know if I’ll be at Ryogoku again, but I’ll finish the year still as champion, I want to enjoy my senior year of high school!

Starlight Kid vs Suzu Suzuki
This was originally scheduled for the opening days of the 5 Star. However, Suzu missed the first 2 shows, so it was rescheduled for today. Kid is 7-3 so far, and has a chance of making her first appearance in the finals. On the other hand, Suzu started with 3 losses in a row, but has turned things around and is currently on a 5 match winning streak. She also has a chance of making it into the finals at stake. The winner of this match will get a big advantage, and it will affect the scene in the finals on October 1st. Their last block matches are Mayu for Kid and Giulia for Suzu, so who will win as they head towards the last day?

Suzu: Ahh, that hurt. Shit. Starlight Kid-chan, your divine punishment is complete! When you underestimate Suzu Suzuki, you get hurt. Got it? Now I’m headed into the last match with Giulia, Suzu Suzuki still has lots to take care of in Stardom though, I’m gonna mess everything in Stardom up until every member is so terrified they can’t even sleep. Starlight Kid, let’s do it again sometime. ‘Cause I’ll just beat you again.

Muscle Contest: Saya Iida vs Hazuki vs Thekla

Iida: The winner of the muscle contest is Saya Iida. Right, well I am after all primarily known as the Macho Gorilla right, I’d have to change my character if I hadn’t won here. You know? I went all out for this contest. I ate brocolli constantly, plain brown rice, those meals made up this body, and with this year’s supply of protein, it’ll become my blood, my meat, my MUSCLE, it’ll all be made up of this protein, thank you! Today I got beat up in the 1st match and lost, but regardless of that, my muscles are the real deal. From now on I’ll keep wrestling, with these muscles that will never betray me. That’s right, with THESE muscles!

Iida: I won the muscle contest. This contest was set up, and then seriously everyone, every single one of us did so much to get in peak condition, everyone was putting in a crazy amount of work to bulk up. And out of us I’m the one that fights as Macho Gori-san, so I definitely couldn’t lose, I think I probably gave absolutely everything I had for this, more than anyone. Because, this just feels like the way things were meant to go, doesn’t it? As for the muscle contest, there are probably still lots and lots of pro wrestlers, just tons of macho girls out there, right? I’m waiting. With THESE muscles!

Falls Count Anywhere: Mayu Iwatani vs AZM vs Ram Kaichou vs Maika
At the last New Blood, a Falls Count Anywhere match was set up between Ram and AZM. Mayu and Maika join them for a 4-way match that will turn the entire venue into a battlefield. Before the match, it was announced that all furnishings in the venue were legal. Who will win such an unpredictable match?

Ram: If those 3 had paid attention… Well, isn’t it funny? It’s thanks to Stardom’s money that I got to dump dust all over this beautiful venue, so I’m very grateful. I’d be happy to do something different again for next time, I wonder what.

Cosmic Rules ~The End of Summer~: Unagi Sayaka & Mina Shirakawa vs Tam Nakano & Natsupoi vs SAKI & Hikari Shimizu
Like in the last Showcase, there’s once again a Cosmic Rules match, this time a 3-way tag. What exactly are the Cosmic Rules this time? The subtitle “End of Summer” could be a keypoint. A colourful and gorgeous fight will unfold between Goddess Champions Tam & Natsupoi, Pink Kabuki, and Colors!

Unagi: Sorry! Sorry sorry sorry sorry! Sorry! Sorry sorry sorry!

Everyone: [Some variation of “give them back”]

Mina: Don’t you get it? It’s about, what could you see, the hint of it, not actually seeing anything!

Unagi: SORRRRyyy!! So sorry, here. Here you go, sorry. Sorry. [She gives everyone their tops back.]

Mina, cracking up: This one isn’t even mine, oh my god.

Unagi realizes she still has Mina’s top around her neck and gives it back to Mina, apologizing again.

Unagi: Ultimately, Summer is over now, but LET’S DO IT AGAINNNNNNN!!!!!!!

Mina: Next time, I’m gonna strip you naked, and make you into grilled eel! [Unagi literally means eel.]

Unagi: I’d like to see you try! Okay let’s go! Again again! Let’s do it again! Let’s do it let’s do it again again again!!

Natsupoi: So this is really how you do things in CozAn, huh?

Tam: Well we’re still doing our revolution too!

Hardcore: Giulia & Rina Yamashita vs Momo Watanabe & Ruaka
On August 27th at Korakuen Hall, Yamashita saved Giulia from being attacked by Oedo Tai. This set up Giulia and Rina teaming, and it was decided they would do so at Showcase. Their opponents are, of course, Oedo Tai, with Momo and Ruaka facing them. This is a hardcore match. What will happen in a match where everything is legal?

Giulia: Stardom fans ladies and gentlemen, how was the hardcore match?! Thank you. And Rina Yamashita, you fought together with me today and seriously!! Thank you so much!!! As for me yeah, pro wrestling, pro wrestling has so many things that I think are great, and hardcore, deathmatches, I have so much respect for wrestlers who do any of that kind of stuff. Those people are seriously just something else. It’s incredibly exciting & motivating. Stardom fans, everyone there’s a world like this out there, I want to widen the potential of this company even further, so, Yamashita, would you participate in Showcase again, and in Stardom, for me?

Yamashita: Giulia has a request for me, I guess that’s the same as ever. Yeah, I’ll participate. Seeing a girl who admires me so much get a win like this… Ah, my bad, I might be hurting your super cool image, but… You, you would be good for hardcore and deathmatches, you know. Let’s do it even more. It didn’t happen today, we should get covered in blood, together. Let’s hold off on the handshake until then. Because I’m looking forward to having a singles match with you too. I definitely, definitely think I can get the full support of the Stardom fans to make a singles match with Giulia happen. And I definitely need you to be planning to win. Seriously, thanks for today.

Giulia: Hey Rossy Ogawa, did you hear that? What we said just now. You’d better make sure you remember it, got it? So then, ladies and gentlemen who like, love, and can’t get enough of Stardom, please look forward to the day you get to see Rina Yamashita in this ring again. Arrivederci.

Yamashita: Later.

Giulia: Thank you very much. 

Yamashita: I should be thanking you.

Giulia: I really said everything in the ring, being able to meet Rina Yamashita again like this, in Stardom, getting to have this match together, my emotions are already overflowing, I can’t hide it. If I say this she might get mad at me but, I love Rina Yamashita, yeah. I’m definitely looking forward to the day we can have our match. Thank you so much.

Yamashita: Not being able to meet up, not know how things were going, I was worried about you and you were somewhere else rushing ahead, I’ve been watching, I was really jealous. (laughs) I was VERY jealous. If I say that sort of thing maybe she’ll get mad, but I’ve come to admire her instead. (laughs)

Giulia: Hey, hey, you can’t say my thing about making you mad!

Yamashita: Right, I won’t use it any more. (laughs) When we had our first singles match I said we were rivals and stuff, but since then we haven’t just been rivals, you’re my biggest rival. Let’s have way, way more fun wrestling together. Let’s enjoy ourselves.

Giulia: Yes please.

Yamashita: I’m blessed with the best kouhai and rival. As for Oedo Tai, it seems like their spirit still hasn’t been broken, from all this. I’m calling you guys out. Even not hardcore, regular rules are fine. This is what you get from me Oedo Tai, fight me again. Well, arrivederci.

Giulia: Later.

Yamashita: Excuse us.

Captain’s Fall: Nanae Takahashi, Yuu, & Yuna Manase vs Syuri, Utami Hayashishita, & Lady C
Last time at Showcase, the grim reaper in the casket match was revealed to be Yuu. This time, Yuu appears with 2 more mystery reapers. The bodyguard team of Syuri, Utami, and Lady C stood up to them when they attacked Rossy backstage. God’s Eye and Queen’s Quest team across units, will they be able to protect Rossy?

Nanae: Syuri, Syuri, and Utami Hayashishita, do you understand what it is that current Stardom is missing right now? Certainly, certainly you may be big now, but you’ve simply been sheltered. Especially you. You’ll be invaded more and more by Nanae Takahashi’s passion, to that end I will be entering Tag League, I’ll be appearing in Tag League and teaming with Yuu, here! I’ll inject my passion more and more into this ring, I’m invading.

Syuri: Nanae Takahashi, and Yuu, participating in Tag League, now that’s pretty interesting, but, I’ve said it before, don’t take Stardom lightly, bitch! I’m looking forward to Tag League. Passion? Passion? Passion? Bring it on!

Utami: “Current Stardom is simply sheltered,” that’s something I can’t just let you say without responding. What do you know about current Stardom. I’m telling you now, I won’t lose to that passion you’re always on about. Nanae Takahashi, and Yuu, be ready.

Yuu: You, don’t forget what you said.

Nanae: The former grim reaper army, I don’t exactly know what that was… Uhh, passion! How are we doing, with our passionate souls? What was the grim reaper look? Was it not a look of passion? Stardom since I lost to Syuri challenging for the red belt, like I said I still have much, much more I want to teach about wrestling with passion. That’s why I’ll be teaming with Yuu in Tag League. (To Yuna) Sorry.

Yuna: I’ll back you up.

Yuu: Thanks.

Nanae: You can come along whenever you want, to help us out again.

Yuna: Yeah, I’ll show up whenever I feel like it.

Nanae: Tag League, we’re aiming to win the whole tournament.

Yuu: Since I’m teaming with Nanae Takahashi I’m only looking at the top. Utami Hayashishita, Syuri, don’t you dare forget what you said. 

Nanae: She plays cool, but I’m gonna tear that away from her. I’ll show you things you’ve never seen before, Utami Hayashishita. Look forward to all sorts of things.

Yuna: I also heard about these two in Tag League just now, I have my own things going on, I have a title match on October 2nd. The passion of these two, we were already allies but getting this direct injection of their passion, I’m aiming to win a championship too, and these two have Tag League, please win the championship and call on me again to be your passion second.

Nanae: Okay! Everyone let’s aim for the top!

Yuna: Hell yeah!

Nanae: Passion!

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